The curse

Many legends talk about haunted houses full of ghosts, creepy forests where nobody's able escape or olds mansions hosted by demons. Sadly, almost all of these stories are fake. I can easily affirm it because I'm a ghost hunter and I visited so many supposed haunted places. But, I was disappointed. Yeah, few places were okay, I guess. Some strange sounds, unknown shadows or little manifestations. That's all. I wanted a real deal! Something insane that will give me shivers for the rest of my life... And I had finally found something. The perfect haunted place to live the most fearful experience ever! I got there and explored every rooms. For the first time in my life I saw so much paranormal forms. Unfortunately, things went worse than I expected... Let me tell you my story. Believe me or not, I don't care, just listen. It happened two years ago and even now, I’m still scared to think about it.

I was on a big trip around the world and I stopped in a small village, near a big forest, to rest for the night. This is where I met a person I shouldn’t have encountered. It was a really beautiful, sociable and joyful women. We met on a pub and talked about ghosts, demons and paranormal stuffs. She was a true paranormaniac! She told me about every haunted place in the region. I was really curious, so I asked to talk about the most fearful place she visited. She suddenly became serious and whispered: “You really want to know it?” I nodded, then she talked about an abandoned house in the wood. “It’s the most terrifying place in the region. Everyone who visited this place had mental sequels afterward. The entity is so active that it can convince all the septic peoples, without exception, to believe in ghosts.” At these words a shiver invaded all my body like a cold wind and my heart started to beat faster, striking my chest like a hammer. It was the perfect place! “I must go there, at all cost” I've said. She looked at me. “Let me mark the location on your map” She said.

I walked in the wood at least two hours before arriving near the house. The house was black like ashes, making it really creepy. The place was old, but almost nothing was broken. A strange smell was in the air, I didn't like that and had a bad feeling. But I was so curious, so ambitious. I was completely stupid, I know. I wanted to see a real ghost so much that I decided to enter this creepy house without further hesitations. The living room was full of portraits on the wall. Almost all of them were picture of a white haired young man. I started advancing slowly straight away and ended in the kitchen. The place was full of knives. A little nervous, I didn't stay there. I got back in the living room and closed the door. As soon as I did it, I heard a small whisper that came from behind me. I turned around, but saw nothing. “It’s just my imagination, because I'm a little scared.” I said to myself. I looked one last time in the kitchen to be sure: the room was empty like the first time. But I had the impression that some object moved. I didn't care about this detail and continued my exploration.

I went to the first bedroom, the place looked like a little girl’s room, with pink wall, two mirror and the most fearful detail: dolls everywhere. This room was worse than the kitchen. I didn’t want to look at the doll, who all seemed to stare at me with their creepy smiles. I was about to leave when I heard a doll fall on the ground. I jumped and looked at the doll, who still stared at me even if she had fallen on the ground. “How it is possible that it fell on the ground in the perfect angle to look exactly in my direction?” Right after that, I saw with my own eyes another doll fell on the floor and still stared at me. The terror started to invade all my body, slowly taking the control of my will. I left the pink bedroom immediately. A part of me wanted to run away and leave this place, but my determination to discover all of this house’s secrets was so strong that I resisted and stayed calm.

I continued my exploration in the bathroom. The two things that attracted my attention were the closed curtain of the bath and... the FOUR mirrors. Hardly arrived in the room I heard some knocks. I looked everywhere trying to not look at my reflection. The sound came from the opposite direction of the window. I only waited one minute before hearing them again, stronger: it came from the bath. And to make things worse, I saw a shadow behind the curtain. My blood froze instantly. Someone or something was behind it. Again, my curiosity took the control of my movements. I turned away and walked as fast as possible to look push the curtain away: nothing in the bath, the shadow disappeared. Not even a single drop of water. I waited at least ten minutes to see if something happened. Nothing. I closed the curtain again, persuaded that the “entity” will show up if I couldn't see, but nothing occurred.

I started to become really nervous and impatient. “Just show yourself!” I said, with an angry tone in my voice. And to answer my request: I heard someone walking into the living room, entering a room and closing the door abruptly. The sound led me to the second bedroom. This one was painted in blue, with a double bed. It was probably the one where the parent slept. I only found one clue, but probably the most decisive one: an opened diary with one interesting but very creepy message: “It lives on the basement, where no light can survive. Don't stay here for too long or his shadow will find you. Don't get caught at any price. If you lose the game, the curse is yours.” Right after I read it, I heard someone knocking on the floor, right under me. I had explored every place of this house except the basement. Yeah, the better for the end, like we say.

I opened the basement door, making it scream. I took my flashlight on my backpack (every ghost hunters always have their tools near!) and opened it. Then, I advanced slowly in the darkness of my fate. The basement was like the typical haunted place of any horror movie: dark, creepy, the air was cold and everything was old and full of dust. I didn't know if I was crazy, but I heard some whisper trying to say: “leave this place...” I didn’t want to listen to them. I was naive, too curious and it was my weakness. I explored progressively until I found something really abnormal: I saw my own name wrote on the wall. Right after, I heard another whisper: “Let’s have some fun.” Then, my flashlight stopped working. Now the real thing started.

The darkness was like a black fog, the air suddenly became cold and very heavy. I started to hear a laugh from beyond the grave. Now, it was my survival instinct that took the control of my movements. I didn't care about my ambition anymore, I just wanted to save my live and get out of this infernal place. Some objects lifted in the air and tried to hit me, but I had good reflexes so only few of them touched me. I ran in the stairs’ direction. My blood froze again when I heard someone run after me. I doubled my speed and reached the living room and closed the door, thinking I was safe. But everything was plunged into darkness. “What! How did the night came so fast?” I've said to myself. I heard a strong knocking at the door behind me. I jumped and fell on the ground. I got up and my eye were a little more able to see in this darkness. Then I saw the most horrible things in my life. All the paintings were now portraits of demons, the radio opened by itself and was playing some creepy music. I saw many dolls everywhere staring at me with their shining red eye and to make things even worse: all the windows were full of white eyes who stared at me too. The terror was so intense, I was certain I was going to die. In a last effort, I ran in the exit’s direction, but the carpet made me fell on the ground, again. Then I saw it: a demon.

It had the appearance of a black fog with a human form with red eyes. He stared at me and started to walk toward me. In a last hope of escape, I opened my backpack and found my holy bible (Every ghost hunter have one, just in case. Yeah I know I was lucky.) And without knowing how to use it against my enemy, I just looked at him and said: “I'm not scared of you anymore!” The demon laughed loudly and rushed on me. Then, by reflex, I threw the book in the direction of my enemy, who disappeared immediately. I knew he was still here, but the exit was right there, so I ran as fast as I could and exited the house. I ran into the deep forest. I didn't want to look behind me and I continued to run with hope to arrive in the village soon. I heard some beyond the grave sounds around me and something ran behind me. The terror came back to my heart and without mental preparations, I felt something scratch my back. I don't remember what happened after that, because I fell unconscious.

I woke up in the hospital, with some doctors around me. My new friend was there too. She told me she found me unconscious in the forest, injured. She then brought me here. Everyone asked me what happened to me, but I lied. Even to my new paranormaniac friend. I told them I got lost in the forest and got attacked by a wolf. My friend looked at me with suspicious eyes, but she did not insist. After this night, I came back to my house. Since this fateful day, I have many hallucinations: I see dead people staring at me, I hear some beyond the grave’s voices and every night, I have nightmares where I'm in the dark. I always hear those voices, I always see their faces. They all whisper to me: “It live on you now, where any light can survive. It will stay here for too long because his shadow is fond of you. Don't get caught at any price. You lost the game, the curse is yours now.”

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